Measurable Benefits to Wine Education

Staff trainings and wine education seem to be the first to be cut in beverage programs across the county. Why?   Education isn’t tangible and is seen as a cost and not an investment!  However, there is data that shows how wine education and training can actually improve your bottom line! How?

According to Harvard Business Review, staff training can improve performance by 22 percent, while training accompanied by coaching can improve performance by 88 percent.

In a study conducted by the employment service firm Spherion Atlantic Enterprises, 61 percent of respondents who received professional development said they were very likely to remain with their current employer for five years or more

Therefore, well Trained Team Members:
Gain confidence which translates to customers gaining confidence in their recommendations, which results in trust and customer loyalty/retention, improves ability to apply suggestive selling techniques, and generates employee loyalty, team building and productivity.

The Wine Smarties is offering wine certification training for the hospitality industry and general wine enthusiast starting in September to help provide a way for the serious professional to get an edge in their career path or industry employer improve their wine sales.  For more information, visit: study 2WSET Study results page

winesmartiesMeasurable Benefits to Wine Education

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