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This tasting course is designed for the novice taster. In this course we cover the professional approach to how to taste wine so that you can better understand the language of how to describe your favorite wines! This is the first step to get to know your palate so you can deepen your appreciation of this exciting beverage. We will also be covering service, storage, labels and food and wine pairing as well. Note: Wines will be sold separately]. Each class is 1.5 hours long. All classes will be held online on Zoom!

Purchase entire 3 week course for $135.

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. Or $55 per 1.5 hour class. 3 wines will be tasted each class and sold separately.

Class 1: White Wine Intensive Friday, Jan 22nd, 5:30-7pm. In this class we learn how to approach white wines from a tasting perspective. You will taste wines you’ve probably never heard of and gain more appreciation for this amazing category of wines.

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Class 2: Red Wine Intensive. Friday, February 5th, 5:30-7pm. In this class we will compare and contrast different styles of red wines to help you better describe and assess wine and to give you clarity over what you are actually tasting.

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Class 3: The Rest Thursday, February 11th, 5:30-7pm. In this class we explore proper wine storage and service, when to decant or not, basics on reading wine labels and food and wine pairing rules.

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This tasting course is designed as a WSET Level 2 review course. It is also open to wine enthusiasts who want to expand their palate’s perspectives. We will cover the main wine producing regions of the world and discuss what makes them unique while tasting examples. Be prepared to fall in love with a new region perhaps you’ve never tried before! [Note: Wines will be sold separately]. Each class is 2 hours long. All classes will be held online on Zoom!

Purchase entire 4 week course for $225.

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. Or $65 per 2 hour class. 3-4 wines will be tasted each class. Wines sold separately and are not included in the price.

Class 1: France Friday, Jan 29th 5-7pm. In this class we will cover the main regions of France and discover why their wines have been so popular for so long. What is unique about the French perspective? What styles were birthed there in this mother country?

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Class 2: Italy and Spain. Friday, Friday, February 12th 5-7pm. What makes Italian wines so exciting? Here we’ll dive into the most famous regions and taste their greatness. We will also explore the Spanish perspective as we explore the modern and traditional styles of Spain.

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Class 3: Southern Hemisphere Friday, March 5th 5-7pm. There are so many great wines from Chile, Argentina, New Zealand and Australia. In this class we will taste some fascinating wines and gain appreciation for some underrepresented wines.

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Class 4: California and US Friday, March 19th, 5-7pm. Here we explore closer to home as we taste wines from off the beaten path (outside of Cabernet or Chardonnay). What is new here in California? What about the US? Where are the shining stars from?

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The goal of this course is to refresh and deepen the tasting skills you gained with WSET Level 2 empowering you with more skills giving you greater confidence over tasting and describing wines. Includes certificate of completion if you take all classes. This course can also be taken as a Level 3 prep course, to polish your tasting chops so you are ready to blind taste! The entire course is 6 weeks in total divided into 3 parts and is focused entirely on tasting. Each part or class can be purchased separately. Each class is 3 hours and INCLUDES wine.

Purchase series of all 6 classes for $550 In-Person (includes wine) or $450 on Online on zoom (wine is not included).

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Class 1: Flavor Therapy Wednesday, January 13th 6-9pm.In this workshop we will be revisiting how you strengthen your ability to assess flavors in both white and red wines. We will taste 6 wines

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Class 2: It’s All About the Bones Wednesday, January 20th, 6-9pm. In this workshop you will improve your ability to recognize, understand and properly assess the structure in a wine (acidity, tannins, body, alcohol and mouthfeel in wine), and as a result improve your assessment of a wine. Taste 8 wines

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Class 3: Connect It to the Glass Wednesday, February 3rd 6-9pm. In this class we deepen our understanding how terroir (climate, site), viticultural and winemaking decisions affect the style and quality of wine.Taste 6-8 wines tasted.

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Class 4: The So What!? Wednesday, February 17th, 6-9pm. In this class, we start to put it all together and learn/improve how to make conclusions about quality, and the age potential.
6 Wines tasted.

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Class 5: Classic White Grapes of the World Wednesday February 24th, 6-9pm. In this 3 hour class we discuss the main white grapes of the world, (Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Pinot Gris/grigio, Chenin Blanc, viognier, and more) their characteristics and taste examples.

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Class 6: Classic Red Grapes of the World Wednesday, March 17th, 6-9pm. In this class, we discuss the main reds of the world (Cabernet, Merlot, Syrah, Grenache,Pinot Noir, Malbec, Tempranillo, Nebbiolo, and more), their characteristics and what to look for and taste examples to connect the dots.

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This course is designed for the Level 3 graduate or student who has experience blind tasting, knows the world of wine pretty well, and can write an accurate tasting note with ease. This is the next phase to mastering blind tasting: knowing your regions and recognizing them in a blind. This can take years of effort to become good at and is a process, but I am offering tips and tools in this course to speed up your learning curve! Not only will we be blind tasting to ID white wine regions, but it will be presented with their laterals (meaning regions you often confuse other regions with) so you can really hone in on how to get to the right answer faster. Each class is 2 hours. Wine is sold separately.

Purchase series of all 7 classes for $385.

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Or each class costs $65.

Class 1: France 1-Burgundy Look-alikes Thursday, January 28th, 5-7pm. Is it a white Burgundy? If so, what village? Is it from the Loire? Or is it a New World look alike (can you pick out the New World wine?) In this class we will be deep diving in to the nuances and differences to help you gain accuracy.

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Class 2: France 2-Rhone, Bordeaux or New World whites Wednesday Feb 3, 5-7pm. Are you familiar with blind tasting wines from the Rhone? How about the difference between a white Bordeaux, Rueda, Loire, or Napa? In this class we will improve your tasting radius.

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Class 3: Riesling from Germany, Austria, Alsace or Australia Wednesday, February 17th, 5-7pm. Okay, so you can ID that it’s a Riesling, great! But how about which region? Can you differentiate Rheingau, Wachau and Alsace for your dry Rieslings? What if we throw different quality tiers in the mix? Let’s go there!

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Class 4: Italy Wednesday, February 24th 5-7pm. The world of Italian whites! This can be very tricky. What are those markers to help you figure out if it’s from the North, Central or the South? How do you get to Italy as a whole?

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Class 5: New World 1-Chardonnay from New World regions Wednesday, March 17th 5-7pm. Winemaking and styles have shifted since the whole New World/Old world blind tasting approach was introduced. Styles have merged making it harder to discern regions. Here we will be introducing some makers for New World regions that account for this.

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Class 6: New World 2-Sauvignon Blanc from New World regions Thursday, March 25th, 5-7pm. Sauvignon blanc is grown in nearly every wine producing country. Can you nail the regions? Apart from Marlborough’s distinct style, can you differentiate the other Sauvignon Blanc regions in the new world?

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Class 7: Mixed Bag Regions Thursday, April 8th, 5-7pm. Here we mix it all up for you and introduce other regions not covered (Can you spot the Santorini? Tokaji?) How well will you do?

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