About Us

We are Certified wine professionals who promote thoughtful drinking – through wine education and consulting for the wine consumer and wine industry alike.

We cater to the needs of many different wine lovers: from the aspiring aficionado just beginning to understand the joy and complexity of wine to the expert sommelier looking to expand their restaurant’s or personal cellar’s wine selections.

Wine Tasting Classes and Events:

Our educational wine events are tailored to your or your companies needs. From small intimate wine parties to corporate team-building events, we can help you plan and execute it so that you can relax and enjoy.
The wine tasting classes and Wine & Spirits Education Trust (WSET) wine certification courses will help you unmask the beauty and complexity of this elusive and evolving elixir.

Wine Industry Consulting:

We can help you increase your wine sales and improve your service standards by designing a customized wine program perfectly paired to your food offerings.  We will train your staff to understand your wine list while implementing tailored sales strategies.
Our services will help you or your business make well-educated wine buying decisions.

Wine is what we do and we do it well. Here are some reasons for you to contact us!

We are detailed, professional, fun, and experienced
We are certified to be smarter than you at wine
We are experienced as educators and in the food and beverage industry
We are the first and only company of this kind in San Diego
We are so flexible we can bend over backwards to meet your needs
We will make your event easy for you and memorable for all
We will teach you things you can actually use
We can improve your sales, service, and/or palate
We can update your wine cellar and help you keep it that way
And… we love what we do

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