Viticulture 101: Factors that Affect Wines

Viticulture 101: Factors that Affect Wines While preparing for the start of my WSET advanced class, I have been studying up on Viticulture and Winemaking.  I want to devote this blog to the main factors that influence the quality level when growing grapes to make wine from a specific site.  And if you ask any quality winemaker about this subject, …

winesmartiesViticulture 101: Factors that Affect Wines

Understanding French Wines

I recently started my Level 2 WSET program, and remembering how daunting the world of wine can be, I threw French Wine Laws at them on the first day of class.  Mean teacher?  No.  Not understanding how to read and interpret French wine labels is a big part to understanding French wines as a whole, so it’s very important to …

winesmartiesUnderstanding French Wines

The Legend of Tokaji Wines

The Legend of… Tokaji Wines !?  ‘What’s that?’, you must be thinking.  Okay, I’ll give you the technical and the translated version simultaneously: Tokaji refers to a region in the far North East of Hungary.  It is a region so famous it is mentioned in the national anthem in Hungary!  The wines have been made here since the 16th century, …

winesmartiesThe Legend of Tokaji Wines

Welcome to the WineSmarties blog

Hi everybody – I want to welcome you to my new blog – on my own site. I will be writing about my events and about wines, so if you are interested please check often. Lindsay

winesmartiesWelcome to the WineSmarties blog